Monte Bianco

The material design essence

Monte Bianco combines visual elements with the tactile experience of materials that are usually unknown to digital technologies! Granite is shaped to take on a more ductile role, blending with a touch-sensitive screen. The veins of the millennial rock come to life thanks to technology, thus uniting the past and the future in an intertwining of form and feel.

Simplicity and personalization

Despite Monte Bianco’s solid appearance it is not a single monolith. The product can be easily dismantled to make it easier to transport and install. Among available finishes one can choose from a wide variety of options ranging from luminescence effects, soft touch, stones, rocks, cement, metal and oxidized bronze. The adaptability of the finishes allows us to include Monte Bianco in different types of traditional and modern environments where the unique and the out-of-the-ordinary are sought.

Monte Bianco

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